The Stephen F. Austin State University Lettermen's Association is committed to the improvement and promotion of SFASU athletics and academics through the effective action of leadership and promotion of voluntarism.

Scholarship Recipients Thank the Lettermen's Association

Lettermen’s Association:

Eric BellThere are several instances in life when blessings occur and gratitude should be show; I have experienced many of these occurrences. The journey of my college career is truly one instance in particular that I am grateful for. My name is Eric Bell and I would just like to extend a personal and sincere “Thank You” to you all for everything that you have done to help my future progress.

I am currently majoring in psychology with sociology as my minor. I also played for SFA’s men’s basketball team from the fall of 2007 through the spring of 2010. Although my athletic career is over here at SFA, I am presently working towards finishing school and earning my degree. I am on track to graduate this December. With my degree I plan to be a high school counselor. I have an ultimate dream of being an English teacher.

My stay here at SFA has been a very comfortable and enjoyable experience. Again I just would like to say thank you for your support, prayers, and blessings.

Eric Bell

Dear SFA Lettermen’s Association,

Tim KnickyI would like to thank you for granting me a fifth year scholarship. This opportunity to finish my degree will open many doors for me. With this scholarship, I will be able to complete my school and graduate in May 2011. I plan on going into the coaching profession with my degree at either the high school or collegiate level. Thanks again for your generosity.

Tim Knicky